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Environmental Policy

TNK Electronic Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. We Produce Electronics & Electrical wire products and accessories such as Plug and Socket, DC Cord, Audio & Video Cable and assembly services.

We make products that Continuously strive to stay connected to the world we share. We clearly identify and comply applicable with legal requirements such as laws and regulations regional ordinances.

As a result of having identified the outstanding environmental issues of our company, key priority has been given to the following activities.

Compliance with laws and regulations in each country and user requirements for controlling hazardous chemical substances such as leads,cadmium, mercury etc and our products are comply with RoHS compliance & Reach Regulation.

Effective use of material resources by improving productivity and conserve resources.

Achievement of zero emission factories through waste control and we will fully utilized our raw materials. Used low amount of energy through energy saving activities in factories and offices.

Our management team will periodically review these key activities by setting and implementing environmental objectives and targets.

The environmental management programs will be communicated and educated to all levels of our employees through training and educational programs.

Our goal is to create products that conserve resource and use low amounts of energy.


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