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Vision & Mission

Corporate Vision
Vision Statement
To become a prestigious nationwide supplier and trend leader by providing various kinds of reliable electronic, electrical, and audio visual products with trustworthy and popular brand.

Corporate Mission
Mission Statement
Continuous upgrade and be proactive in providing the best quality products and services because:

- We persist to become a well known brand
- We commit to supply to every corner of the country
- We are responsible to assure our customers a better lifestyle
- Value

1. Customer
To create a lifetime relationship with customers, through honest and two way interaction to improve customers' satisfactory on products and services.

2. Products
To provide trustworthy, innovative, professional, and popular products whereby customers will be proud of owing them.

3. Employees
Together we create a healthy management environment, with aggressive , creative and the spirit of successive, through self management and team Dynamic

4. Shareholders
To strengthen shareholders' return on investment as well as to share the fruitful result with all employees

5. Society
To promote leisure, creative and a harmonious society, emphasizing on education and cultural public charity activities.


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